Film Pertaruhan (2017) Full Movie

Film Pertaruhan (2017) Full Movie - About the lives of four brothers, Ibra (adipati koesmadji), Elzan (Jefri Nichol), Amar (aliando syarief), and the youngest Ical (Giulio Parengkuan). Their simple life with their father, Mr. Musa (Tyo Pakusadewo) who works as a security guard at a bank. Although his salary as a security guard but he was not how they are very loyal and dedicated to his work. He was a hard worker who worked for his family. This family has lost mother since Ical was born. Wife lost the usual care of the house and the kids make Dad hesitant in raising their children. The relationship between her and her three children were teenagers becomes very harmonious and often quarrel among themselves.

Film Pertaruhan (2017) Full Movie

Genre: Drama, Action
Producer: Adi Sumarjono
Director: Krishto Damar Alam
Author: Upi
Production: IFI Cinema


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